About FIAS

About FIAS

International Sambo Federation (FIAS) is a non-governmental public non-commercial organization that unites national SAMBO federations. FIAS is the only recognized international organization that manages the development of Sambo in the world.

During the whole period of its existence, the FIAS conducts serious work, thanks to which SAMBO fans have appeared in more than 120 countries on all continents of the planet. New sections and clubs get open and national Sambo championships are hold in different countries every year.

SAMBO (self-defense without weapons) – is a unique synthesis of single combat and martial arts of the world. SAMBO is the original system of physical and spiritual education of person, in which many nations of the world recognize their sporty styles and traditions. SAMBO is an international sport.

More than 30 major SAMBO competitions are held annually at the international level under the auspices of FIAS. The most important of them are the World SAMBO Championships and the World Youth and Junior SAMBO Championships. In addition, SAMBO is included in a number of multi-sport competitions.

In 2021, FIAS obtained full recognition of the International Olympic Committee.

The development of interest of the media to Sambo contributes to the popularity of the sport and increase the audience at the competitions. All events of the official FIAS calendar are covered by the press, the largest international competitions are broadcast live.

The International Sambo Federation is constantly implementing various projects and programs for the development of this single combat. FIAS seeks to develop all possible directions of SAMBO.